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Saucer Biscuits

These individually wrapped biscuits are perfect for placing on the saucer with all hot beverages. Choose from Cafe Prima, Lotus, Bonito, Lavazza Nestle and more.

Saucer Biscuits

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  • Lotus Caramelised Biscoff Biscuits - 300 x Individually Wrapped Biscuits

    300 x individually wrapped biscuits

    Lotus Biscoff caramelised biscuits have conquered their own special place in the world of individually wrapped biscuits, with these delicious luxury biscuits perfectly complementing any hot beverage - making it the perfect coffee biscuit.

    With Lotus' well-known brand of caramelised biscuit representing a staggering 20% of total biscuit consumption in its home market, you can be sure that this caramelised biscuit taste is bound to be a success. So whether you're looking for biscuits for coffee, or just enjoy the unique caramelised taste of a biscoff crunchy biscuit you can get delivery of the quality biscuits you love from Garraways as a trusted UK biscuit supplier. 

    Choose Garraways for fast delivery and great prices on wholesale biscuits online and stock up today on the original Lotus Biscoff biscuits you love produced by Lotus bakeries, Belgium.


    Dairy Free.

    £9.29 Ex VAT £9.29 Inc VAT

  • Kent & Fraser Gluten Free Vanilla Butter Crunch Biscuit Case

    1 Case containing 36 x 35g biscuits

    Each pack contains two delectable gluten free biscuits infused with the mellow perfection of pure Madagascan vanilla and made deliciously rich with creamy butter and muscovado sugar. Gluten & Wheat free.
    £20.19 Ex VAT £20.19 Inc VAT

  • Lavazza Shortbread Biscuits

    x 200 individually wrapped biscuits

    The Lavazza shortbread biscuits offer a delicious, buttery shortbread biscuit, individually wrapped in stylish Lavazza wrapper. Made using wheat flour, fresh eggs and butter. Lavazza Wrapped Shortbread Biscuits are the perfect choice for hotels, cafes and restaurants who may wish to buy in bulk. 

    Garraways offer fantastic bulk prices on individually wrapped shortbread biscuits from Lavazza as well as a host of complementary items, all with fast, reliable delivery. 

    £10.99 Ex VAT £10.99 Inc VAT

    Out of stock

  • Italian Venezia Biscuits

    500 x individually wrapped

    These beautifully moreish Venezia biscuits are sure to show your customers, clients, and your workforce you care. A 3g individually wrapped biscuit in classy gravure foil. Beautifully presented and really tasty as a saucer biscuit to accompany a great coffee.
    £12.99 Ex VAT £12.99 Inc VAT

  • Grandma Wilds Biscuits

    100 2x Wrapped Biscuits

    Grandma Wilds traditional hand baked biscuits come in a variety of flavours which include a mixture of Ginger Biscuits, Crumbly Oatie Biscuits, Chocolate Chip, Fruit Shrewsbury Biscuits. These mixed cases from grandma wilds come in 100 twin wrapped biscuits - 25 of each flavour. Perfect biscuits for counter tops, hotel bedrooms and as saucer biscuits.

    Was £16.49

    Now £15.00 Ex VAT £15.00 Inc VAT

  • Crunchy Amaretti Biscuits

    300 x Biscuits

    A Crunchy outer ameretti biscuit with a rich amaretto flavouring, Indvidually wrapped to preserve the goodness. A great addition to any cappuccino, flavoured latte or indeed any coffee drink.
    £12.49 Ex VAT £12.49 Inc VAT

  • Bonito Spoon Biscuits

    300 x Biscuits

    300 individually wrapped butter vanilla biscuits. Delicious, these biscuits from bonito make perfect saucer biscuit spoon!
    £9.99 Ex VAT £9.99 Inc VAT

  • Caffé Prima Caramelised Saucer Biscuits

    300 x individually wrapped

    Based on the original Caramelised Biscuit flavourings, our delicious Italian Saucer Biscuit is the perfect accompaniment to a really tasty coffee. Baked by our Italian biscuit manufacturer and beautifully wrapped individually and carefully packed in cases of 300, these are a must for any cafe, restaurant or hotel.
    £8.79 Ex VAT £8.79 Inc VAT

  • Nestle Big Biscuit Box - Mixed Box

    71 Biscuits

    Liven up your staff room, meeting rooms and break times with a mixed box of some of the UK's favourite chocolate biscuits.  From Nestlé Professional, the Big Biscuit Box contains 71 chocolate biscuit bars with the NEW addition of the Yorkie biscuit.  In a display ready presentation box they are ready for any workplace.

    5 Delicious Biscuits:

    • KIT KAT®
    • YORKIE®
    • Free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.
    • Suitable for vegetarians and free from nuts.

    1 X 1.64kg - 71 Chocolate Biscuits

    £15.27 Ex VAT £18.32 Inc VAT

  • Fairtrade Vermeiren Biscuits

    1 x 225 Biscuits

    These delicious fairtrade caramelised biscuits are the perfect saucer biscuit to compliment any hot drink. Based on the award-winning recipe and style from Lotus bakeries in Belgium, each fairtrade biscuit is individually wrapped in fairtrade certified packaging as is made to a high standard.
    £12.45 Ex VAT £12.45 Inc VAT

  • Lotus Biscoff XL 25g Twin Packs

    6 X (20 X 25)

    The same delicous Lotus Biscoff biscuits but in an XL twin pack.  Indulge in the caramelised crunch of Biscoff.

    6 X (20 X 25)

    £21.46 Ex VAT £21.46 Inc VAT

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