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10 Must Know Facts about Coffee Beans

Facts About Coffee

Here are 10 must know facts about coffee beans that every coffee lover should know.

10 Must Know Facts about Coffee Beans

There are many Arabica coffee bean varities - Coffee Bean Facts

Did you know that the coffee bean comes from a fruit? Ever heard of the 'Coffee Belt'?

If you haven't then here are 10 must know facts about coffee beans that every coffee lover should know.

1. The coffee bean comes from a fruit

Coffee beans are taken from the fruit of coffee plants or trees. These are red or purple fruits that look like cherries.

Coffee plant with red berries being picked - Coffee Bean Facts

10 Must Know Facts About Coffee

2. There are two kinds of coffee bean; Arabica and Robusta

The beans come from different coffee plants or coffee trees. 80% of the coffee produced is Arabic, however the less common Robusta contains nearly double the amount of caffeine.

3. There are around 30 different varieties of coffee

Arabica coffee has many variteties and cultivars of coffee. The most well known are Colombian and Java.

4. There are two methods of processing the coffee fruits to remove the beans

The ‘wet process’ is when the flesh of the fruit is removed and the seeds and soaked for around two days. The more common 'dry process' invloves leaving the fruit to dry in the sun for up to three weeks.

5. Nearly half of the worlds coffee is produced in South America

They produce nearly 50% of the worlds coffee, most of it is from Brazil.

6. There is a name for the countries in which coffee is produced

The countries where coffee beans are produced are know as the ‘Coffee Belt’ or the ‘Bean Belt’.

Coffee Beans Facts - The Coffee Belt

Caffe Prima Arabica coffee beans

7. It is a myth that lighter roasts have more caffeine than dark roasts

Many people believe that Dark and Light roast beans contain different amounts of caffeine however studies show that there is minimal difference between the two.

8. The Italian word espresso means ‘when something is forced out’

It refers to the process of forcing boiling water through ground dark-roast coffee beans.

Dark and light roast coffee beans - Coffee Bean Facts

9. Coffee is the worlds most widely consumed drink after water

Almost a third of the world drink coffee!

10. You can overdose on coffee

Studies show that the average adult would need to drink up to 80 to 100 cups of coffee with in a short period of time to overdose, this is highly unlikely but those sensitive to caffeine may react have adverse reactions.

So there you have it, 10 Must Know Facts about Coffee Beans, now the next time you sit down to share a coffee with friends you can impress then with your knowledge.

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