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3 Facts you Need to Know about Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

We delve into the world of tea and discover 3 interesting facts you need to know about loose leaf tea.

Loose Leaf Tea

We delve into the world of tea and discover 3 interesting facts you need to know about loose leaf tea.

Firstly, what is loose leaf tea?

Loose leaf tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. These hand picked leaves made up of buds, whole leaves and large pieces of leaves are carefully dried and package in tins or airtight bags to ensure a superior taste and aroma.

Loose leaf tea also has added health benefits compared to tea leaves in tea bags.

1. Drinking loose leaf tea has Health Benefits

The larger leaves used for loose leaf tea help soak up all the good stuff such as catechin antioxidants and polyphenols.

This means loose leaf tea can help prevent certain cancers, aid weight loss, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and boost your immune system. Tea in bags contains fewer of these properties as it is made from smaller finer leaves.

2. Some loose leaf teas can blossom when brewing

Did you know that some tea leaves bloom when brewing? Blooming tea, also known as flowering tea, is a combination of green tea leaves and dried flowers.

The dried flowers are wrapped in bundles of dried tea leaves to form a bulb shape. When placed in boiling water, the flower expands and the leaves fall away to reveal what looks like a blooming flower.

Blooming teas are usually brewed in large glass pots and can be quite an impressive sight, they also have a very unique and refreshing flavour.

Loose Leaf Tea

3. Some Loose Leaf Tea can age over time like wine

Most teas are best consumed in the first 3 to 6 months of production however some teas such as Pu-erh get better with age.

The Pu-erh loose leaf tea cаn bе aged fοr up tο 15 years οr longer. To begin the process the fresh tea leaves are tossed in a large wok, just long enough to halt the tea's oxidation, but also retain moisture and natural bacteria.

The leaves are then left to sun dry and over years and decades they transform the flavour from a fresh, bitter green into a dark rich tea.

Kanuka Loose Leaf Tea

Kanuka have a range of exquisite classic and infused loose leaf teas from Earl Grey Blue Star to Roasted Almond. Each speciality tea has been carefully taste tested and perfected by the family run business.

To Kanuka, loose leaf tea means fantastic taste, aroma & appearance and their aim is to make every sip of tea an enjoyable experience.

Kanuka Loose Leaf Tea

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