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Tips to Create the Perfect Coffee Shop Atmosphere

Tips to Create the Perfect Coffee Shop Atmosphere

Some top tips to get the comfy, cosy atmosphere that draws customers back time and time again.

Coffee Shop Atmosphere Tips

Some simple tips to achieve the "vibe" that draws customers back time and time again.

Everyone's got their favourite - the little corner café where you grab your morning coffee, the stylish bistro for your lunchtime pick-me-up, the vintage coffee house for afternoon tea. There's just something about the little touches that brings a smile to your face every time you order your favourite drink and sink into a familiar seat...

• Add a touch of personality

Ever walked into a generic coffee chain and felt like you could be anywhere from Perth to Penzance? Predictable and slightly soulless - but with comfortable chairs and cosy mood lighting they're a safe and simple option.

To stand out from the crowd, try adding a little more pizazz with some interesting design features like wall art or unusual furniture. If you'd like customers to stick around, books, magazines or even board games can make them feel more at home. And of course, no amount of soft furnishings will ever beat good ol' service with a smile.

Coffee Shop Atmosphere

• It's all about good taste...

Try out a range of different freshly roasted coffee beans to find the best flavour that works for your customers. Keep stocked up on all their favourite brands and don't forget the condiments - offering a variety of sugars, sweeteners, milk and even drinks toppings all help ensure you can tailor for every tastebud.

To add a little more variety offer seasonal specials like delicious flavoured syrups or hot and cold tasty snacks to really make all the difference to your customers' experience.

• Create a Buzz

Become a pillar of the community. There's plenty of community-centric incentives to engage your customers - for ideas check out Random Acts of Kindness or consider supporting your favourite charity. If you've got some space, why not try hosting local bands or poetry recitals? And you can always add value for your customers by displaying promotional materials for local services or events.

Looking for more inspiration for products and promotional materials for your coffee shop? With a fresh approach to coffee, the Garraways team can help - just get in touch with the team today.

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