Skinny Vanilla Latte

Make indulgent, guilt-free lattes perfect for sweet-toothed calorie conscious customers.

Skinny Vanilla Latte

Use three simple ingredients to make an indulgent, guilt-free latte perfect for those calorie conscious customers wanting a sweet fix!

1. You will need:

- Sweetbird Vanilla Sugar Free syrup
- Double espresso (we think this works best with Caffé Prima Colombian Coffee Beans)
- Steamed milk

2. How to make:

- Add a double espresso to a serving mug
- Stir 2 pumps of Sweetbird Vanilla Sugar Free syrup into the double espresso
- Top with steamed milk

3. Try with other Sweetbird Sugar Free Syrups:

Replace the Sweetbird Vanilla Sugar Free syrup with:
- Sweetbird Hazelnut Sugar Free Syrup
- Sweetbird Caramel Sugar Free Syrup
- Sweetbird Gingerbread Sugar Free Syrup