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  1. Barista Tips & Tricks: The Perfect Latte Art

    Barista Tip & Tricks: Latte Art Have you ever wondered how to create the perfect latte art? Here are are a few tips & tricks to help you achieve the perfect latte art with steamed milk. Continue reading →
  2. 3 Facts you Need to Know about Loose Leaf Tea

    Loose Leaf Tea We delve into the world of tea and discover 3 interesting facts you need to know about loose leaf tea. Continue reading →
  3. The Freakshake Phenomenon that is Taking Over UK Cafés

    Freakshakes and milkshakes Freakshakes are taking over the UK! Cafés across the country are now offering these deliciously indulgent milkshakes and the nation is going crazy for them. Continue reading →
  4. Caffe Prima Coffee Beans wins Great Taste Awards

    Summer Smoothies & Milkshakes Two of our best selling Caffe Prima coffee beans are winners of the Great Taste awards 2017. Continue reading →
  5. Feeling Glum? Studies show coffee may make us happier.

    Coffee May Make Us Happier Feeling glum? A cup of your favourite coffee may help. Continue reading →
  6. Help us Decide our Christmas Cup Design

    Thank you for voting. We will announce the winner later this year! Continue reading →
  7. The Top 5 Perfect Coffee Accompaniments

    Coffee Sundries The perfect coffee accompaniment needs to compliment coffee flavours in all the right ways, would you agree with our top 5? Continue reading →
  8. New Refreshing Sweetbird Lemonade Syrups

    Sweetbird Lemonade Syrups Sweetbird has created two brand new Lemonade syrups to help quench your thirst this summer. Continue reading →
  9. Unroasted green coffee beans - Roast your own

    Unroasted Green Beans If you’re a bit of a coffee connoisseur and fancy trying your hand at roasting your own beans then the first thing you’ll need is a quality green coffee bean. Continue reading →
  10. Top Tips for Making Sweetbird Ice-blended Smoothies

    Ice Blended Sweetbird Smoothie Beyond the bean share their top tips for making Sweetbird ice-blended smoothies... Continue reading →

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