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Café Nueva

Café Nueva instant coffee is a fantastic alternative to the UK's leading brands, ideal for catering and high output environments.

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  • Cafe Nueva Wholebean Instant - 10 x 300g

    10 x 300g

    An extra special ultra-premium instant coffee form Café Nueva. Contains a 10% roast & ground coffee which enhances the aroma and texture of the drink – delivering a close to roast & ground experience.
    £96.36 Ex VAT

  • Café Nueva Colombian Coffee Beans

    1kg or 4x 227g Bags

    Single Origin
    Roast Strength:
    Medium - Light Roast
    Origin: Colombia

    Expertly roasted, Café Nueva Colombian provides an exceptional quality 100% Arabica Colombian coffee. Grown on the rich, volcanic soils of the Colombian Andes and providing high levels of acidity, sweetness & fruitiness, Café Nueva Colombian has notes of caramel, hazelnuts and almonds throughout.


    From £9.00 Ex VAT

2 Item(s)

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