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The Garraways Cup Recycling Scheme

Cup Recycling Collection Service

We'll collect your used cups and turn them into something new. Together we will tackle the nationwide issue of disposable cup wastage.

How Does it Work?

  • Purchase a Pre-Paid Post-Back Cup Recycling Sack for £12.99 or a new Starter Kit
  • Fill the sack with used cups - separating paper and plastic cups
  • Place the filled sack into a cardboard box ready to post back (Max Size 50 x 50 x 40cm)
  • Fill out our quick and easy to use form and we'll arrange to collect the sack
  • Our Courier will then collect your sack to be recycled
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Garraways Cup Recycling Scheme Process Diagram


Working in partnership with Simply Cups, our solution involves us collecting used cups at the point of disposal. We then by-pass traditional waste management systems (which ultimately end in the cups being incinerated or taken to landfill) and they can be turned into something new.


Our new service is designed to help counter the negative impact this is having on the environment, one that has even prompted the potential for a Government tax - also known as the latte levy; a 25p charge on every drink purchased in a take-out cup.

This initiated the launch of the Garraways Cup Recycling Collection Service.

Please Note

Our post-back service will only accept cups that are segregated into the following material types, which you will be asked to confirm when you place your collection order:

  1. Paper Cups Only
  2. PP & HIPS Cups Only
  3. PET Cups Only

We can only accept boxes that contain cups from a single category and additional charges will be levied where different cups materials are mixed in the same box.

Products made from Recycled Materials

Here are a selection of re-usable coffee cups & products that are made from recycled coffee cups!

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rCUP White - Teal Blue
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rCUP White - Earth Green
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