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Stirrers & Spoons

Takeaway wooden stirrers & spoons for a hassle free, no mess solution. Bulk buy available.

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  • Long Handled Latte Spoons

    x 12.

    Stainless Steel Latte Spoon with extended handle, making it the ideal size for stirring your Latte in a tall glass. With its long handle its ideal for latte glasses, milkshakes, sodas and sundaes
    £9.99 Ex VAT £11.99 Inc VAT

  • Plastic Coffee Stirrers

    Pack of 1000

    Disposable plastic stirrers from Garraways - the perfect counter accessories for your customer's take away coffee and tea.
    £4.99 Ex VAT £5.99 Inc VAT

  • Wooden Coffee Stirrers 7 inch

    Pack of 1000

    Long wooden 7 inch stirrers which are Recyclable / Compostable and made from sustainable beech wood which doesn't discolour or impair the drink taste
    £3.29 Ex VAT £3.95 Inc VAT

  • Bonito Spoon Biscuits

    300 x Biscuits

    300 individually wrapped butter vanilla biscuits. Delicious, these biscuits from bonito make perfect saucer biscuit spoon!
    £9.99 Ex VAT £9.99 Inc VAT

  • Stir Stix To Go - Red

    Pack of 200

    Say goodbye to messy Coffee to go… Say hello to Stix To Go… This little red gizmo not only can be used to stir your drink but it fits any hot drink lid to seals the sip hole so drinks can’t escape and also helps keep drinks hotter for longer.
    £1.99 Ex VAT £2.39 Inc VAT

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5 Item(s)

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