Setting up an Account

What are the benefits of setting up an account with Garraways?

Several thousand customers set up an account with Garraways. This means when you log in, you have access to your order history and features such as automatic reordering and price matching which saves time, effort and cost on your part. There are many more features within your ‘My Account’ area that you can take advantage of and control over.

Do I need to buy a certain amount to keep my account?

No. Your account is only there to make re-ordering an easier job for you. Garraways are happy to process your orders as and when you need to replace supplies.

Bonus Points

How do I start collecting?

To begin collecting Garraways bonus points you must first register on our site. To do this simply click the Registration Form , complete and submit the required fields and log in to your account before purchasing.

How do I collect points?

When you are logged into your account, every time you make a purchase, you will collect bonus points. Each product is allocated an equivalent number of points to the value of your purchase which can be exchanged on future purchases from this website at a later date.

How do I redeem or make purchases with points?

If you are logged in to Garraways and have collected points from previous purchases then you will be provided with the option to deduct the points value from your order total. Bonus points act as a cash discount from your order. Please note that points can only be used for online purchases. Remember that you will be required to login with your user email and password prior to being able to take advantage of your saved bonus points.

How long are points valid for?

Points are always valid, as long as you remain a registered member of our website.

How do I know how many points I have?

When you have logged in on the website you will see your point collection in your ‘My Account’ dashboard. Also, when making a purchase, once you enter the cart section of the website with your order, you will be able to view your current point balance and choose how many or how few of your bonus points you wish to allocate against the order you are making.

Do I need to use my bonus points when checking out?

No – you choose when you want to use them.

What are my bonus points worth?

Garraways bonus points are worth 1p per point. There is no minimum and maximum bonus point limit to spend.

Getting a Machine Quote

Why can’t I just see a price online for some products?

We pride ourselves in being able to give great deals. When you are considering spending on something expensive and there are often different options available on products, we would rather understand exactly what you need so the price we quote is completely relevant and accurate.

Can I Lease a Coffee Machine through Garraways?

Yes. Leasing is often the best way of buying an expensive coffee machine, particularly if there are other items you need to add such as grinders and blenders. For leasing, please submit the ‘Get A Quote’ button on the main product or call us on 0800 865 4444 to discuss your quote. We will then deliver a final quote and help arrange a leasing agreement for you. Once the lease is in place, a delivery date can be arranged to make sure you have the equipment delivered and installed when you need. If you prefer, you can also buy your coffee machine outright.

Can I rent a Coffee Machine from Garraways?

No. Garraways do not specifically rent out coffee machines or other equipment. We can however organise a Lease to Purchase arrangement for you.

What gets considered in a quote?

If you have specified the product you are interested in on the enquiry form, we will call you back to discuss exactly what you are looking for i.e. if it is a coffee machine, we would need to know the specification and likely accessories, location within premises, installation options etc. to make sure you know about everything you will be getting in the quote rather than just looking at a price for comparison - if you prefer, just call us on 0800 865 4444.

Price Promise

Why do Garraways offer a price promise?

Garraways are authorised UK agents for a number of top brand suppliers. Garraways always values your business and custom and equally importantly, Garraways values its reputation and positioning in the market. Unlike some other companies, we buy only top quality products, genuine machines and component parts from manufacturers, agencies and dealerships and because of this; we can ensure that on your behalf, everything we sell is traceable and is covered by genuine UK warranty. We’re sure you’d rather have it that way. Even with this, we will still do everything we can to match or beat any quoted prices you supply on a like for like basis. We will not however price match against Auction sites (for eample EBay, Amazon and other similar discount websites), Second hand or Discontinued products, Products with prices that are not visible online or against any Verbal Quotes.

Business Accounts

Can I open a business credit account?

Yes. This is different to creating a user account on our site. Application for a Business Credit account can be completed online. If approved, the amount of Credit available will depend on a number of things but we will advise you of this and any other relevant information prior to final approval. Once your Business Credit account has been approved, you may then immediately use the account to purchase goods up to the maximum value of your credit. 

Coffee Machine Servicing

If I have not bought my coffee machine from Garraways, will you service or repair it?

Yes. The best way to organise this is to call us on 0871 976 9788 and discuss your requirements. We can offer a single front-end service or a full machine service whether as a single arrangement or as an on-going service cover arrangement. We can then arrange for one of our qualified field service engineers to attend.


Do Garraways offer a next day delivery service?

Yes. We will always do everything we can to ensure your goods arrive when expected but there are certain restrictions geographically and naturally, the time the order is placed has a bearing on whether or not next day delivery is possible. If in doubt, please call 0800 865 4444 to confirm if next day delivery is available to you.

Can my goods be delivered on a Saturday?

Yes. We will always do everything we can to ensure your goods arrive when expected but there are certain restrictions geographically and naturally, the time the order is placed has a bearing on whether or not an arranged Saturday delivery is possible. If in doubt, please call 0800 865 4444 to confirm or book a Saturday delivery.

Garraways Coffee Roasting

Do Garraways really roast their own coffee beans?

Yes. Garraways are the largest UK online retail coffee roaster. We source and import our own beans either as Single Origin or for blending and supply in 1kg bags or in discounted 4kg or 6kg cases and sell these as Caffe Prima. The Caffe Prima range has its own unique range of coffee blends and we use traditional methods to roast our coffee beans daily. The beans are then packaged and sealed in our food service Kraft bags and are ready for delivery within just a few days. Caffe Prima coffee beans are not ‘long shelf life’ coffees. Supplying fresh coffee is one of Garraways real strengths in the UK’s fresh roast coffee market. Once the coffee is ready for dispatching, you can be sure that the coffee you receive is really fresh – the date of roasting is stamped on each bag. When opened, it always gives that wonderful aroma your customers will love. Once roasted, Garraways can also grind your beans to filter, cafetiere, espresso and in some coffees, we will also do a Turkish grind option. All you need to do is buy what you need, use, serve and let your customers enjoy! Garraways do however supply other beans and instant coffees from suppliers such as Lavazza, Kenco and Nescafe as well as offering Fairtrade and Decaffeinated options.

Secure Payments

When I buy from you, is my credit card information secure?

Yes. Garraways treats the protection of your account and personal information very seriously but even with that, none of your payment details are ever stored on our servers. At the point of checkout, you will either have the option of paying by Credit or Debit Card via SagePay where data is also protected by the 3D security system in place. You can also pay by PayPal and to enhance security, you must have access to and be able to log into your PayPal account to allow this to happen. Depending on how you prefer and choose to pay, you will be directed to SagePay or to PayPal to complete your transaction and then returned to Garraways.

Customer Sevice

Is your call/service centre based in the UK?

Yes. Our main warehousing and distribution centre is based in Bolton, UK and this is backed up by our larger call centre operation which is based in Scotland. From here, we deal with all inbound calls for sales, price matching and machine sales. 

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