Milfresh Skinny Milk Pods - Dolce Gusto® Compatible* 3 x 16 (48 Pods)

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48 Pods

The Milfresh Skinny Milk Pods are compatible* with Dolce Gusto® machines to create a perfect, delicious, yet low fat cofee, cappuccino, or latte at the touch of a button.

Serve with your favourite coffee pods, or enjoy the Dolce Gusto® milk pod on its own as a perfect treat at anytime of the day. 

To use for a Cappuccino coffee, set your machine to 6 bar or use 200ml of water; to use for a Latte coffee, set your machine to 5 bar or use 170ml of water; to use for an Americano coffee, set to 5 bar or use 170ml water; and to use for a White Americano coffee, set to 2 bar or use 50ml of water.

  • 100% Skimmed Milk 
  • No Added Sugar, Flavour or Colours 
  • Fat Free 

*Dolce Gusto® is a third party brand (owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A) with no link to Aimia Foods Limited

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