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Point of Sale

Advertise products, drive sales & excite your customers with our range of point of sale materials.

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  • Caffé Prima A2 Point of Sale A Board

    A2 Display Size

    Stylish, stainless A-boards, supplied with full Caffe Prima branding. Full Colour A2 posters included on both sides.
    £49.99 Ex VAT £59.99 Inc VAT

  • Caffé Prima Coffee Information Cards

    Full colour Caffe Prima customer information cards... complete with display case on first order. These informative display cards show your customers just how much fresh coffee means to you... Card Statement: We take the quality and freshness of our coffee very seriously. Our espresso beans are imported, roasted and blended by Garraways and delivered to us within a few days of roasting, ensuring the optimum in freshness and quality. This means that the coffee that you are drinking was in the roasting oven just a few days ago. The Result.... "Ridiculously Fresh Coffee."
    £0.79 Ex VAT £0.95 Inc VAT

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  • Caffé Prima Landscape Counter Display

    These stylish round bottomed counter displays are double sided and include full colour A4 Caffe Prima posters on each side and are ideal for small counters and tables where you want to advertise the popular Caffe Prima brand.
    £1.49 Ex VAT £1.79 Inc VAT

  • Coffee Customer Loyalty Card Stamp

    x 1.

    Use this great little durable stamp on your loyalty cards every time your customers purchase a Caffe Prima coffee. When they have bought their 7th coffee, they get their next one FREE.
    £7.99 Ex VAT £9.59 Inc VAT

  • Cosy Tea - A4 Poster

    An A4 Poster (Point of Sale) from Cosy Tea.
    £0.00 Ex VAT £0.00 Inc VAT

  • Cosy Tea - Window Sticker

    A window sticker (Point of Sale) from Cosy Tea to highlight that your store sells Cosy Tea.
    £0.00 Ex VAT £0.00 Inc VAT

  • Cosy Tea - Winter Table Talker

    3 Sided self standing

    A 3 sided Table Talker (Point of Sale) from Cosy Tea listing all available tea varieties.
    £0.00 Ex VAT £0.00 Inc VAT

  • Cosy Tea Wire Stand

    Fill With Your Favourites!

    The Cosy Tea Stand has been designed to display all 9 Cosy Tea products with high impact.

    Present your range with this proffesional stand to show that cosy is not like other brands that sit on your counter in little boxes. The stand has been designed to reduce the footprint taken up on your valuable counterspace but still market your products to your customers with high impact and easy accessability.

    Great for Cafes, Pubs, food courts and self catering areas.

    Products Sold Separately

    £26.49 Ex VAT £31.79 Inc VAT

  • Sweetbird Point of Sale Counter Display - A4

    x 1.

    A great range of flavours for hot and cold drinks, excellent quality (they're 100% free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colours and GMOs), and a great taste to go along with it. Selling These Super Syrups Already? Then Why Not Promote Them? Sweetbird have really gone to town on their point of sale materials and there's a top range of items to promote your syrup sales including table tent cards, posters and counter display cards.
    From £0.50 Ex VAT £0.60 Inc VAT

  • Twinings 3 Tier Display Stand

    x 1.

    This luxury stand contains 12 slots which hold up to 10 enveloped tea bags with the Twinings brand logo etched into the rear of it. The legs are created from high quality walnut-stained, lacquered finish with a floral display moving up the side. Great For: Tea Rooms, Bars, Hotel Reception Areas, Waiting Areas and Canteens. Please Note: Tea Sold Separately


    Stand Dimension: Height 24cm Width 23cm Depth 54cm

    £33.99 Ex VAT £40.79 Inc VAT

  • Twinings Dark Walnut 12 Compartment Tea Box

    x 1.

    Twinings Deluxe 12 Compartment Wooden Tea Box holds up to 144 individually wrapped teas. Made from fine polished dark walnut wood with solid brass hinges and openings, this is a stunningly beautiful Twinings Tea display product. Please note that be image is for display purposes only.

    Please Note: Product may vary in appearance. This box does not contain a supply of tea but your choice of Twinings teas is available here.  Please add the box to your cart and continue shopping for your Twinings tea selection.

    £34.99 Ex VAT £41.99 Inc VAT

11 Item(s)

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