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Twinings Tea

Twinings Tea Bags | Garraways

Twinings Tea Bags

Fresh Leaf & Everyday tea, Herbal Infusions, Organic & Fairtrade Tea bags from Twinings.

Experience something new with Twinings tea bags - a wonderful range of black teas, green tea, fruit and herbal infusions. Delicious flavours from one of the nation's favourite tea brands.

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18 Item(s)

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Twinings Tea from Garraways

Twinings is the home of British tea & herbal infusions, with over 300 years of expertise, all their recipes are skilfully blended using the finest tea and herbs from ethically sourced producers all over the world. From traditional blends to new wonderful flavour combinations, Twinings have the perfect tea for everyone.

Black Teas

Welcome to the wonderful world of Black Tea. The Twinings range is designed so you experience more in each and every cup. Whether you're after your favourites or you want to try something new, Garraways have a wide selection to suit every pallet.

Green Tea

We think Twinings Green Tea is one of the best in the business. Sourced from the best tea plants from around the world Twinings treat their tea leaves with the utmost respect - the respect it deserves! When you show a tea love, it definitely shows it back.

Not only do Twinings make the most stunning classic Green Tea blends, they also like to get creative with it. Have a look through our range to find out what we mean...

Fruit & Herbal

Our Twinings fruit and herbal range is full of colour, life and taste! Sourced from around the world to bring you the best blends out there. We think tea time is a time for fun, laughter and new experiences and that is what you will find within this wonderful range.

Origin Blends

Developed by Twinings’ Master Blenders who have decades of experience, these new-look teas reflect the excitement, vibrancy and quality that can transport you to other lands in your own home. Start your journey and explore the brand new range.